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Complete Turn-Key Services

Service 001: Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

Pipeline testing is the process in which nitrogen gas or water is used to pressurize a section of pipe to the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) and checked for integrity to industry standards. Integrity testing typically lasts from 4 to 8 hours depending on the visibility of the pipeline and industry standards. Within that time window, the pressure is held at a constant and the pipeline is checked for leaks.

Atlantic is able to handle every step of the testing process eliminating the logistical supply chain and efficiently test pipelines.

Service 002: Pigging


ANPS can provide services for a variety of pigging applications. We use our nitrogen trucks or air compressors to push anything from Foam / Poly Pigs, Gauge Pigs, Brush Pigs, or Smart / MFL Pigs.

Atlantic can provide the compressor needed to push and launch the pig. For pipelines without pig launcers or recievers, we can provide a bell piece that fits over the opening that can act as a launcher.

Service 003: Drying / Purging / Packing

Drying / Purging / Packing

Atlantic Nitrogen provides purging services to remove any unwanted product from a pipeline system. Whether it be the remaining water after a hydro test, slag from the welding process, or other waste material, we are able to remove the product along with all of the moisture inside a pipe to a negative dew point to ensure it is ready for its intended use.

In certain situations (such as when purging live gas systems), normal air cannot be used because of the flammability risk. Atlantic can provide inert Nitrogen gas dried to -100°F dew point in order to dry a system.

Service 004: Jetting


Nitrogen jetting is the use of high pressure gas to scour and remove the buildup of rust, dirt, sand, gravel, sludge, roots, scale, grease, and other debris. A nitrogen based fluid is pumped through a high pressure nozzle to create a high velocity stream which is used to clean out the well-bore, and flush out the debris.

Service 005: Pipeline Maintenance

Pipeline Maintenance